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May '20 Google Update + Post Covid Search (Lee Gaul + Jarrett Thomas, iPullRank)

Jarrett Thomas of and Lee Gaul talk through the May Google Algorithm update, and what might happen in search if / when COVID-19 starts winding down.

6 Marketing Scams to Avoid

HomeAdvisor selling you trash leads? Houzz or Yelp trying to get you to spend thousands? Stop! Don't spend unless you know the clear path to ROI.

3 Surges in Home Improvement & How They Affect Lead Generation

Bea and I discuss surges in the home improvement market. In sales, events/video, and the pent up demand after the initial lockdowns start to subside.

SparkToro Review + Finding Homeowners on Facebook Ads

According to SparkToro – SEO’s might use SparkToro’s data to “SparkToro can help you find exactly those sources that reach the link-likely, amplification-primed groups you need to grow visibility, rankings, and traffic.” + We talk Finding homeowners on Facebook ads in 2020

10 Keys to Avoid SEO Disaster During Website Redesign

These are some really simple things but they are absolutely essential to making sure that you don’t totally ruin your website's rankings when doing a redesign.

Working Remote? 9 Tips for Maintaining Company Culture

If you have some people working remotely – it's important to maintain culture. Here's how we're doing it! Some interesting suggestions in here?

Examples of Innovations During COVID-19

✓ Innovations in the Medical Industry ✓ Food Service Companies ✓ Fashion and Clothing Industry ✓ Remote Working and Thriving ✓ Leasing and Realty ✓ How to Market and Other Takeaways ✓ Stay positive!

Alert: CARES Act - Payroll Protection Program FAQ's

The CARES act just opened up a ridiculous amount of working capital for small businesses during this global pandemic. More about these forgivable loans - here:

Why Now is The Best Time to Push on Your Brand (w/ Greta Whittenberg of Creativ Endeavor)

✓ What is Branding? ✓ What does Branding do for you? ✓ When is the right time to do a logo refresh? ✓ Things that help a company thrive in a downturn ✓ Brand ✓ Reputation ✓ Specialty

10 Tips for Persuasive Copy (+Covid Opportunities)

✓ Look for the opportunities amidst Covid. ✓ Once you see new surges, push into them. ✓ Use the Word “You” ✓ Capitalize on FOMO ✓ Use Bulleted or Numbered Lists ✓ Support your calls to action with a little explainer text “this is what you can expect next.” ✓ What happens when I submit a contact form? ✓ Go ‘benefit driven’ rather than ‘feature driven’ with it. ✓ Scarcity ✓ Authority ✓ The principle of “Liking” / Writing conversationally - Humor/humanity ✓ Cut out the fluff and be concise ✓Be the challenger. ✓ Write it out with 300 words and then figure out how to say it in 30. ✓ Write to ONE representative ideal prospect.

Get The Most Out of Your Construction Business Management Systems (w/ Co-Constructs Spencer Padgett)

✓ Companies aren’t getting the MOST out of their software … which can cause a lot of PAIN… ✓ How should construction companies be using their business management systems for SALES? ✓ How should construction companies be using their business management systems for FINANCIALS? ✓ How should construction companies be using their business management systems for OPERATIONS? ✓ How can a construction business management system become a system of record in case of a lawsuit? Other considerations: ✓ Is it modifiable - in an obvious way? ✓ How easy is to communicate? — ✓ Jimmy Rigged vs. Wholistic systems

The Tools Won't Do Marketing For You

✓ What should we learn from landing page tools like Clickfunnels, LeadPages, Unbounce strengths? ✓ Why I don’t suggest building your business ON clickfunnels ✓ Why some businesses get confused about Hubspot and Salesforce ✓ When it’s useful to use hubspot / salesforce ✓ Why it bothers me so bad that these software companies convince people to waste so much of their marketing budget on them.

The “Lead Conversion Gap” & Changing Customer Expectations (w/ David Tal from

✓ How is consumer behavior changed? ✓ Businesses haven’t adapted ✓ What is the the best phone etiquette for service providers? ✓ What is the text etiquette? ✓ How do people get better at qualifying leads? ✓ How does help companies keep up and close the gap?

13 Keys for Better Contact forms: Get More Website Form Fills

✓ Simplify the fields - get down to nuts and bolts (you can follow up w a questionnaire) ✓ Fields should match the expected size of the answer ✓ Button should Fit it to the current design - but pop out ✓ Skip the phone number or make it obviously optional ✓ Social proof - where, who, what ✓ Explain what happens next - make a promise ✓ Don’t be picky - validation should be looooose ✓ Convey the value... your jobs not over when they get to the contact form ✓ Indicate required fields ✓ Trust, trust, trust ✓ Clean it up on mobile ✓ Use ‘send message’ or something more personal, the word submit has bad connotations and it actually matters ✓ Make the headline benefit driven - or more personal

Important Leadership Lessons to Avoid Losing Your Best Employees (w/ Todd Dawalt)

✓ What are some of the biggest problems you’ve seen with owners trying to motivate people. ✓ How do dig up and solve problems without having a complete breakdown? ✓ What are the things you see the most effective construction owners to snag ideal team players? ✓ How can keep your best people from leaving? ✓ What are some dynamics that lead to the most effective teams you’ve seen? Check out Todd's podcast - the Construction Leading Edge Podcast

Amplify Rankings with This Easy On-Page SEO Checklist

✓ Add a Photo ✓ Make the photo file name-like-this.jpg with the keyword phrase in it. ✓ Add alt text on that photo, and other photos on that page ✓ Add keyword to sub-headings ✓ Add “People also ask?” Type words to subheadings ✓ Look at “LSI Keywords” and add a few paragraphs to give context on ‘shoulder topics’ ✓ Add text from other things something is ranking for in Search Console ✓ If you have a ton of autonomy: Can you help better fulfill the user intent? - Write it out, add photos and video ✓ Re-structure the images and text to just look natural and engaging. ✓ Link internally to other related, link to it from other pages ✓ Link externally to authoritative sources (1 or 2) ✓ Reshaping the theme of the post (making it into a listicle / organizing it better) ✓ Tweak the Meta Title to front load the keyword ✓ Front load the keyword in the meta description sometimes too so it gets bolded. ✓ Keyword phrase in first and last paragraph, + bold a sentence with it in there

Five Principles of Design - How They Effect Website Persuasion + Leads

✔ Balance - Your website should not feel heavily weighted, it should feel even. This doesn’t happen when you have a heavy dark sidebar for instance, and nothing on the left side to offset. ✔ Repetition - The same types of elements repeated throughout the space take less mental energy from a prospect. You don’t want people going to different pages and experience a Jarring disconnect (the homepage looks great, but all the interior pages look like they’re from 1999. We EXPECT people to come in on other pages beside the home page, things like testimonials, call to actions, and other trust factors can be repeated around the site in a way that increases trust. ✔ Contrast - When there’s sharpness in images, brighter colors, and stronger difference between foreground and background your website benefits from “Contrast.” The most common problem I see is when people try to put an overlay over an image, but its not dark enough, they overlay text and it’s barely readable. Go dark, dark on backgrounds, or go light but don’t go in between if you’re going to overlay text. We’ve been getting around this by using organic shapes to cutout images, - just overlaying less text in general. Modern. 2020 design with white space. ✔ Dominance - A large element that draws you in, followed by clearly smaller elements – this drives engagement. Rather than having elements all be the same size which can be monotonous. ✔ Hierarchy - What is the eye drawn to first? Then what… then what. The clearer and more obvious the hierarchy, the more likely someone will be drawn in. No hierarchy = all the text is the same size, all the images are the same size, all the services are just as important on the page. Instead drive interest with - A beautiful smile, a bright headline, the company logo, and a contrasting color call to action button for instance may be best as your top items in the hierarchy. Two services that stand above the rest – one call to action prominent at the end of the page.

How to Create Large Guides to Power Serious Rankings & Brand Awareness

✓ Find a topic you want your website and brand to be associated with in peoples minds and the algorithm ✓ Find something you want your team / or yourself to learn more deeply about, and speak to more confidently ✓ Create a large piece of content - known as a hub post - by osmosis other pieces on this topic will rank better as well, in including landing pages ✓ What would you do if Google didn’t exist, how would you promote this piece? Videos, social posts, or influencers? Do those things ✓ When you outline - do keyword research along the way and make sure every chapter has a keyword focus ✓ Add illustrations or other imagery to brand the piece of content ✓ Whatever “hard work” looks like to you, this kind of content ideally takes 10x longer than regularly content. ✓ Find ways to bake promotion right into the guide ✓ Use storybrand brandscript to outline the piece and focus on the ideal customer (of the content) the whole time ✓ Don’t waste the piece by pitching hard - the end result we want is good will and links ✓ Use a symbolic story for the chapters of you want ✓ Create interest by studying persuasion and ways to make articles interesting - like the mystery formula ✓ Make sure these pieces line up with your long term vision for how you want to help people so you’re intrinsically motivated to make something to epic ✓ Have fun!

How to Steal Your Competitors Featured Snippets on Google

✓ Identify the ones they have with Semrush or Ahrefs ✓ Use the format they have - list, 40-60 word paragraph, table, ✓ Match the structure, use “inspect element” in the browser to see if they are using any special formatting or schema markup ✓ Add in synonyms and bold the keyword phrase ✓ Ask the question with and h2 or and h3, and answer it underneath with 40-60 words ✓ Use authoritative / confident language ✓ Cite credible websites in your content ✓ Look at the “people also ask box” and answer those questions in your content as well. ✓ Pay special attention to the space directly after the content that you want to get featured. Add images there that relate to your table, list, or paragraph.

How to Get Found For More "Near Me" Searches

✓GMB checklist ✓At least 5 reviews and respond to every single one ✓Information consistency ✓Make sure everything is visible ✓Schema to feature events in serps ✓Make your site mobile friendly ✓Geographic anchor text ✓City Landing pages

7 Quick Ways to Find Topics For Your Blog & Videos

I run through each with an example – based on the topic 'kitchen remodeling' - but you can try it for yourself on whatever topic you'd like! ✓ Suggested Searches in drop down when searching on Google ✓ People Also Ask Boxes on Google ✓ Quora - search the topic ✓ Answer The Public - ✓ SEMRush ✓ and pop in a competitor into site explorer / the first result after searching a hunch ✓ Google Keyword Planner - Add the topic + the site

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